Elektror Side Channel Blowers

Direct Driven
Bare Shaft
Belt Driven Unit with Inlet Silencer and Filter
Radial Blower

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Product Features

  • Non-Contact Operating Pressure And Vacuum Generators

  • Low Noise Level

  • Completely Oil-Free

  • Compact Design

  • Maintenance Free

Elektror Side Channel Blowers are directly driven by asynchronous squirrel cage motors of Elektror’s own make.

In addition, a range of models without motor are available for external drive by means of V-belt or other drive elements. Amply dimensioned sealed bearings ensure maintenance-free operation. As standard equipment, silencers are mounted on the discharge and intake side, thereby reducing the noise level considerably. All blower and motor parts are cast aluminium and therefore highly resistant to corrosion. The ribs on the blower housing provide for good heat dissipation, further assisted by the air flow of the motor fan. All blowers are equipped generally with base plate on the silencer and with rubber feet for mounting in a vertical or horizontal position.

Elektror Side Channel Blowers may be operated pulsation-free over the whole range of their performance curves. They are designed for the conveying of air as well as for generating pressure or vacuum. The use of the units for aggressive and toxic media, air of high humidity and medium temperatures exceeding 40 degrees C is subject to a detailed clarification. The conveying of explosive gases is not permitted. The units are to be installed in weather protected places and must not be exposed to vibrations or shocks. If the medium to be conveyed contains solid particles or other pollutions, they are to be removed before entering the blower by installing a filter, or similar device on the intake side.

Blowers with limited performance curves in the high pressure/vacuum range should be fitted – depending on the application – with the appropriate pressure/vacuum relief valves in order to avoid an overload of the motor. Pressure relief valves can be mounted directly on the discharge port, vacuum relief valves directly on the intake port of the blower. Adjustment of the permitted maximum pressure of the blower is made in the factory. It is possible to adjust the valves below the maximum pressure.

An increase of the volumetric flow or the pressure may be achieved by connecting two blowers either in series or in parallel. If connected in parallel the volumetric flow rates are added whereas the pressure remains the same. If connected in series, the pressures are added whereas the volumetric flow remains the same.

Units above 3.5 kW must be started in Y/ configuration. As a standard, the motor insulation is class B and enclosure IP54. Permitted ambient temperatures range from -20¡ÆC to +40¡ÆC. Special voltage or frequency, improved enclosure IP55, Exe, tropical and humidity insulation, thermal class F as well as full motor protection may be supplied on request.

  • Pneumatic air tube systems
  • Vacuum cleaning systems
  • Vacuum transport systems
  • Printing machines
  • Air-cushion tables
  • Welding fume extraction
  • Agricultural machines
  • Aeration of galvanic tanks
  • Water Fish pond aeration
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Vacuum lifting gear
  • Bottle-filling stations
  • Screen printing machines
  • Drying systems
  • Textile machinery
  • Dental equipment
  • Aquarium aeration

Elektror reversing valves are motor driven and are mounted directly onto the side channel blowers. They allow for generating alternate pressure or vacuum in pipes, installations or systems within the shortest possible time, or to reduce pressure or vacuum to zero, without having to change the direction of rotation of the blower nor switching it off. The non-contact actuating piston is driven by a reversible synchronous gear motor, which is set into the required position by pole reversal. All reversing valves are cast aluminium and therefore highly resistant to corrosion. One-side sealed, deep groove ball bearings are used for the bedding of the actuating piston. Dimensions on reversing valves are available on request.

Reversing Units
Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves
Finefilters with Connectors/Spare Cartridges
Silencer with Connector
Throttle Valve
Threaded Flange
Welding Flange

A wide variety of accessories allow for convenient installation of the Elektror Side Channel Blowers. These include filters, silencers, pressure or vacuum relief valves, hose connectors, welding or threaded flanges, and throttle valves.