PRV SERIES – Powered Roof Ventilators

The Aerotech range of Powered Roof Ventilators are a high volume, low cost industrial roof exhaust units with vertical discharge. They are used to remove heat, contaminants or to combat problems caused by the lack of replacement air.

  • Construction – The Aerotech roof ventilators feature a high efficiency , non-corrosive,
    adjustable pitch aerofoil axial impeller, galvanised mild steel casing, vertical
    cowl, butterfly damper, square mounting base and is directly driven by a
    415V, 3 phase or 240V, 1 phase, totally enclosed electric motor.
    The standard impeller is polypropylene, however aluminium impellers are
    available on request. The motor is mounted on a platform inside the casing
    permitting temperature rise of 65˚C. Flameproof motors are available on
    request. An external terminal box is provided for easy connection to wiring
Powered Roof Ventilators

How to Order

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
  • Step 1: Fan Model
  • Step 2: Fan Speed
    No. of Poles.

  • Step 3: Motor Power.

  • Step 4: Motor Phase
    1Ph or 3 Ph