FC SERIES – Multivane Fans

 The Aerotech forward curved multivane fans are lightweight in construction, compact and operate quietly. They deliver high volume of air at low to medium pressure and are ideally suited in systems where the atmosphere is relatively clean.

Fan Construction

  • Pressed steel metal casing is bolted to a steel pedestal. The universal housing can be adjusted to various discharge positions. The impeller is characterised by a large number of curved shallow blades sloping forward in the direction of rotation. Fans can be supplied as direct or belt driven.
Direct Driven
Direct Driven
Belt Driven

Fan Applications

Cooling of electronic apparatus, exhausting, drying, recirculating, cabinet pressurising, air conditioning, removal of non-corrosive fumes from industrial processes and for general ventilation purposes.

Optional Extras

Stainless steel impeller and casing, flanged inlet and outlet, inlet filter, safety guards, anti-vibration mounts.

How to Order

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
  • Step 1: Fan Model
  • Step 2: Fan Arrangement
    Arr.4 ; Arr.4F ; Arr.1 BS (Bare Shaft) ; Arr.2 BS; Arr.9 Packaged Unit
  • Step 3: Fan Rotation & Discharge Position
  • Step 4: Motor Phase
    1Ph or 3 Ph

  • Step 5: Special Requirements
    i.e. Heavy Duty SG Impeller, Accessories etc