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Aerotech Fans is Australia’s leading manufacturer of high quality Industrial Fans including Centrifugal Fans, Axial Flow Fans, Specialised Heavy Duty Fans and Pre-Engineered Standard Fans range.

We also have a great range of Fan Accessories such as Inlet or Outlet Dampers, Guide Vanes, Silencers, Inlet Filters, Flexible Connections, Anti-Sparking and Explosion Proof Construction and much more.

We supply and retrofit fan components of any type, by any manufacturer.

With enormous expertise in aerodynamics, rotor dynamics, acoustics, stress analysis, vibration analysis, Aerotech Fans has evolved into Australia’s leading manufacturer of high quality industrial fans.

Our innovative range of products allows the best-engineered solution to meet the most demanding application. Our products are designed and manufactured by skilled and experienced craftsmen providing guaranteed reliability and longevity.

We deliver anywhere in Australia

Right from Sydney(NSW), Brisbane (Queensland), Adelaide (South Australia), Perth (Western Australia) to Darwin (Northern Territory) and Hobart (Tasmania), we can cater to your fan requirement.

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